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CEB VER registry is used by VER projects developers for registration of the project and book keeping the amounts of allocated, verified, traded and surrendered units. Commodity Exchange Bratislava with this service spreads the services for project developers and emitters, and helps reducing the Greenhouse gases.

VER (Voluntary emission reduction units) are units created by public sector besides the kyoto protocol meant to finance projects which reduce greenhouse gasses. Project developer with the idea of reducing units, for example with the project of reforestation or with project of creating power plant with out fosil fuel, certrify his project and gets the units (VER, CER, or ERU). Because of this project, the CO2 in atmosphere is reduced, and emitter who emit CO2 into the atmosphere, after buying these units and surrendering them, can proclaim himself as the Carbon Neutral company. He can use this as the marketing for his products, or if he is natural person, he can live heppier live.

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